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How Dance Can Change Badger's Outlook on Life

Snow College has many departments, including the dance department. These classes are not only made for students who have previous dance experience, but also for badgers who would like to try something new.

Snow College’s Dance Department has classes ranging from clogging, ballet, ballroom and modern dance. Along with these classes, the college also has a Ballroom Company and Dance Ensemble. These classes perform in a showcase at the end of the semester in order to showcase their skills.

Robert Cox, who teaches the ballroom classes, says his favorite part of the dance classes is the students. “I love the students. They make the job so worth it.” Not only does Cox enjoy teaching the students, but he said that he is able to joke with the students occasionally.

Dmitri Peskov is the director of the dance ensemble and one of the reasons Cox is teaching at Snow College. Because of this, Cox has been teaching at Snow for 4 years. He had a career as a professional in ballet before going into sports medicine.

Not only has the dance program impacted the teachers, but it has also impacted the students. Hyrum Hatch, a member of the Ballroom Company, decided to join the ballroom company because of his love for partner dancing. “I wanted to be a part of something that was fun and let me meet more people with common interests.”

When asked about his favorite part of the dance program, Hatch said, “the friendships that have come from being in it and being able to wake up everyday and do something I’m passionate about.” Cox works with the Ballroom Company every week to go over proposed choreography by the students and practice their specific routines.

The dance program opens the door for students who would like to transfer to some of Utah’s four year colleges and audition for their dance programs. Hatch said that students attend a dance lab every month on the top floor of the Noyes Building, which is open to all students who want to practice or even just learn. “The next one will be held on October 6th at 7 pm. Everyone is welcome to attend.” This event will also include an instruction segment from Cox. Not only do they have one on the 6th, there will also be a Halloween themed lab on October 27th where students will be allowed to wear costumes.

Badgers are invited to check out the dance classes and if they have any questions they can visit the dance teachers in the AC, or message them through their emails which can be found on The performances this semester will be held on December 9th at 7:30 pm and December 10th at 2 pm in the Eccles Performing Arts Center.

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