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How to Slay Clothes-Shopping in a Small Town

Brooklyn Atkinson poses with the retro camera in the Happy Camper, all the better to get stunning photos of the stunninger clothes. Photo By Marylee Giddings.

In a small town like Ephraim Utah, where are students buying their clothes? In talking with Snow College student Alcy Talbot, she says, “I just prefer online shopping, that way there are more options.” So what are the options here in Ephraim? Here is a list of some local clothing stores in this, “ hidden village” (Gracie Ewell).

To start us off, one of the most talked about clothing racks on main street, The Happy Camper. The Happy Camper is a thrift store that often doesn’t require a hunt to find something worthwhile. The owners fill the racks with one-of-a-kind vintage gold. They have everything from jeans to jackets, and shoes to T-shirts. They also sell local entrepreneurs' small business items such as jewelry and stickers. If Badgers want more than clothes, they have rooms full of vintage decor, records, and furniture. The only con may be, some students have said, “it is overpriced for a thrift store”.

If students love the idea of thrifting but are looking for a less expensive experience, Neighbor’s Thrift is just the store. Though this store may require more work to find something specific, they offer jaw-dropping prices. Need a last-minute costume or a few new graphic tees but only have $5? They have you covered. They also have a “stuff” room full of all kinds of hidden treasures. At the check-out counter, they also support their local small businesses and sell unique accessories.

If students are not into the thrifting scene and prefer fresh, new retail, Stylysh is a great option. They offer all the new trendy clothing items and stay up to date with the latest styles, refreshing their racks every week. With pop music filling the chic decorated store, the shopping experience here is always worthwhile. For customers convenience, they also offer an online shopping front.

Last, but certainly not least on our list, Rustik Sage boutique. This modish store is similar to Stylysh in price and style. It leans slightly more western-themed and is currently moving to a larger location. They sell shoes, workout clothes, jeans, and all trendy tops. One of the customer favorites is the $10 clothing rack always right inside the door.

Next time a roommate says there is nowhere to shop, go check out some of these Stores and support the local businesses.

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