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  • Sandra Cox

How To Survive the Semester

Hailey Hendricks, Koal Anderson, Kaitlin Seamons, and Mason Thompson couldn’t be more thrilled to graduate from Snow and celebrate beside Professor Stevens. Photo Courtesy of Professor Stevens.

As midterms and the stress that comes with finally pass, the end of the semester looms overhead. Whether it’s a Badger's first semester or their tenth, the end can be stressful and chaotic.

However, the professors here at Snow want the students to succeed, and are willing to help. This is the advice professors have given to help finish the fall out strong.

Communications professor Kristi Stevens said, “Stay steadfast. Never quit. We’re almost to the end. Start preparing now by consistently working on your classes a little everyday.” That does not mean students have to be completely caught up right now, or try to catch up all at once. Keep chipping away a little everyday. It’s already halfway over.

Social science professor Scott Jackson said, “First, talk to your professors. Make sure you’re on the same page. They can’t help you if they don’t know you need it. Next, eat well and take care of yourself. Finals are hard enough as is. You don’t need to sacrifice your well being. And finally, maintain your social life.” It might seem like there is no free time and the world is ending, but it is important for students to take care of the mental, physical, and social aspects of life as well.

Finally, English professor Chris Lee had this to say, “When your grades start to drop. You need to step up your bribe game.” If the first two pieces of advice don’t work, remember maybe try Professor Lee’s idea as a saving grace.

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