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Jill Trythall Directs Student Life

Aspiring Snow College alumni, Jill Trythall, works with the ambassador team and student body officers. Photo by Mitchell Casey.

Jill Trythall is the Director of Student Life and Leadership. Trythall says “I love working with students and being involved in their lives, it makes my job so much fun”.

Jill lived in Santa Paula, California until she graduated high school and there her family moved to Alaska. Jill wanted to be closer to other family members so she decided to go to school at Snow College.

Jill was involved in many things at Snow. She was a Snow ambassador, cheerleader, and worked as a recruiter for a year after graduating.

After a little while at Snow she was introduced to Tom Trythall from her future father in law, who is well known by many as Bowling With Bob. He set the two up and they ended up getting married after graduating from Snow.

Together they have three kids. Two have even attended Snow College and the other is in Manti High School.

After Snow college Jill and Tom went to SUU together where they both graduated from there.

Jill loves riding bikes and paddleboarding. She has recently discovered diamond art and has found it very soothing to do.

One of the things on her bucket list is to go on a cruise to the Caribbean.

Jill always wanted to grow up to be a dolphin trainer. Since those dreams never came true she has loved working at Snow and it has been a great opportunity for her. Jill has been involved in many other jobs at Snow including; Assistant Director of Admissions, Cheer Coach, Program Coordinator for Student Life, and working at Snow Fun as a student.

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