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  • Sandra Cox

LANY Summer Forever

Snow College students partying at a LANY concert. Photo by Raegann Mccurdy.


Lany took fans by storm Saturday night, with Salt Lake City becoming their largest ever-played show. Their “Summer Forever '' tour started off with openers including special guests, Surfaces. The crowd's energy peaked when animated lead singer, Forrest Frank, danced around in his crop top muscle tank singing hit song, “Sunday Best”.

Though the crowd of Forrest lovers could have watched Surfaces play song after song, the idea of the main event filled the air. As the crowd chanted Lany’s name they put on a performance with all of their top songs including “You!”, “Cowboy in LA”, new release “Congrats” and classic “Thru These Tears”.

Lead singer Paul Klein brought out musician Bazzi to join him in singing a new track they had released less than 24 hours beforehand called “dlma </3”. The song tells a sorrowful love story of the dissatisfaction of being alone and without the one you love. With the words on the jumbo-tron, everyone in the amphitheater belted along in awe of what was happening.

Overall, the show kept spectators pleading for more all the way to the end. Lany submitted to fans’ will with an encore of two more songs. Ending the night with “ILYSB,” fans are on the edge of their seats, ready for the next Lany concert.

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