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  • Sandra Cox

Learn to Take a Leap Into Socializing

Students Anastasiia Zotova and Alina Zhukovsk sit down for coffee and a snack in the Greenwood Student Center. Photo by Raegann McCurdy.

Socializing is a big part of somebody’s college experience. For most people, the social aspect of college is what makes or breaks their desire to attend college. There are a lot of people however, who struggle to fit in and make friends. So why is it so difficult to socialize?

Here at Snow College there are a lot of ways Badgers can meet people. Clubs, events, and classes are common places to interact with others, but there are also a lot of reasons it may be hard to put oneself out there: anxiety, fear of rejection, depression, etc.

Socializing is important to our wellbeing, and there are many ways to make the process a bit easier. Here’s a list to get started:

Go out. Meeting people in the real world is impossible if the line between in and out is never crossed.

Be approachable. Don’t wear headphones when walking around. Smile at people. It’s much easier to talk to somebody who looks friendly.

Give out compliments. A genuine compliment can brighten somebody’s day and make them more inclined to strike up a conversation. Karla Borst, a member of the girl’s soccer team, gave her stance: “Socializing doesn’t have to be as significant as going to a school event. It can be a simple hello or a small compliment.”

Serve others. The simple act of holding open a door for somebody can go a long way.

Don’t change to fit in. The right people will come along. English major Rosemary Sanderson said “I think the whole thing about socializing is just to be yourself, because if you change your personality to hang out with different people or fit in, then eventually it’s going to backfire.”

In the end, it is especially important to remember that everybody is trying to find their place in the world. Nobody has it all figured out, and that’s okay.

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