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Life of a Snow College Badger

Snow College's Fall 2022 semester is now in full swing. Along with the heat waves, early mornings, and new friends; the start of a school year is always a new adjustment.

Aleda Boyce Kjar, a junior says, “Returning to Snow College was a big adjustment and specifically this year. I've, again, had a hard time getting used to the “college schedule” as opposed to my summer schedule.”

Madie Johns, a freshman this year says, “The adjustment of moving down to Snow was a bit harder than I thought. I’ve missed my family and old friends quite a bit, but it has gotten better! I have met new friends and am getting used to where my classes are. It’s starting to feel like home!”

As school has been in session for about a month now, Snow’s students are beginning to warm up. School has become a norm. The library seems to be the new hangout spot with all the assignments being thrown the student’s way.

Along with school life, there are many activities students have been participating in. Western Swing is held every Wednesday and Thursday night, where moves are shown and boots are tapped. Game nights are a regular occasion in neighboring dorms. Intramural games, such as flag football and basketball, are being played as well.

Aly Gillette, a freshman, comments “I love spending time in the mountains!”

Caleb Matthews, also a freshman, says, “I love to play volleyball. I could play it anytime.” Snow’s students are lucky to have so many fun things going on around them.

Snow College has such excellent students and is excited to see how they grow their knowledge, discover new talents, have fun, and make a difference.

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