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Officer Eddie Christensen: Campus Security

Officer Christensen takes a break from his never-ending duty to pose next to his police truck. Photo by Toby Roth.

Whether students want to learn about criminal justice and law enforcement, need some security on campus, or are just looking for somebody to talk to, Officer Edwin Christensen is the guy. Officer Christensen has been here at Snow for four years, working campus security and as a criminal justice teacher.

Officer Christensen’s number one priority is the students. “I want the students to know we’re open and available for them at all times. Whether that’s in class, activities or anything around campus, we want to be involved so students feel comfortable. We do more than law enforcement and want to support the college and the students.”

Christensen continued, saying this is his philosophy. “As a student you should be able to come to Snow College and have a good education, meet new people and make friends, and have fun. It should be a good experience for anybody that comes. If for some reason there is something that’s affecting that, we want to help. Our goal is to make sure students feel like they’re safe, they can learn, meet new people, and have a good experience.”

Officer Christensen not only makes students a priority around campus safety, but also in the classroom. Braden Johnson, a student in Christensen’s Criminal Justice, says “He was one of my favorite teachers because he cared. He did not just care about getting his material across, but he cared about making learning about criminal justice fun and fair. His course has been one of my favorites so far.”

Campus security here at Snow includes three officers, with over 80 years of law enforcement accumulated between the three of them. They want to make sure students feel comfortable asking for help so their college experience can be everything a student wants.

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