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Performing in the Musical Community at Snow

Liam Herbert sings with utmost energy, passion, and soul as he performs on stage along with the rest of the Commercial Music Ensemble for their first concert of the year. Photo by Collin Kesteler.

Snow College’s Commercial Music Ensemble performed their first big show of the year on January 19th. This performance was a large choral and instrumental concert with 16 vocalists and a four-piece band. Their next performance will be on April 7th.

Music Department’s Vocal Area head, Brian Stucki said, “Most of our students are upperclassmen, they tend to have been students who have been here [and] who have had some experience.” He added, “So they’ve got really sharp musical skills.”

Adjunct professor, Jennifer Madsen elaborated on how several of the songs performed that night were original compositions by several of the ensemble members, “They not only wrote the song and performed it, they wrote the arrangement, what the vocalists sang, the band chart, everything.”

Stucki and Madsen went on to express how they both have a really high view of the music department here at Snow. Stucki said, “Jen and I have both been to quite a few places and have directed ensembles in a lot of places, and both of us agree that something really cool is happening here in little Ephraim.”

He continued, explaining how from all their experience with different ensembles in the past, the level of quality from this many vocalists at Snow is, “pretty amazing,” elaborating how outside of Snow, he only sees this level of musical performance from massive universities. “[We’ve] got a lot of talent around here right now, so it’s exciting. It’s really awesome what’s happening.”

As a final message, both leaders of the music department wanted to extend a big invitation to the community and students to watch the Commercial Music Ensemble’s Shows. Madsen said, “One of the best parts about being in this community is all the beautiful things that happen and you can be a part of it even if you’re in the audience.”

The Ensemble will be back again to perform for the community. Badgers and the community are encouraged to check out the shows and show support for the music program. Months of preparation go into their performances and it’s something students may really enjoy.

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