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Peter Breinholt's Magical Performance

Peter Breinholt (middle), performs a marvelous musical performance, bringing life to the Eccles Center. Photo by Jenna Merrill.

On October 3, the one and only Peter Breinholt came to Ephraim to perform at the Eccles Center. Snow College was lucky to have a concert like this and to have Peter Breinholt share his talents.

Peter Breinholt is a well-known performer in the Salt Lake region. Utah Governor, Gary Herbert, recently honored Peter with the Governor’s Mansion Award for Achievement in the Performing Arts for his influence as a songwriter and performing artist.

Breinholt travels the world and meets all walks of people and enjoys the nature of the earth. Breinholt shows his love for people and the world, in the way he expresses himself through his music.

At the Eccles Center, Brienholt sang many of his songs. One of them titled, “My Little Town” was written for a newly released movie. The lyrics reminded the audience of this little town of Ephraim.

While in quarantine, Breinholt dropped a few songs. He made videos inside his house and shared them online. He then shared these videos with the crowd while he sang.

Along with videos from quarantine, Brienhold showed several more of his passions.. Playing behind him were arrays of colors, diverse groups of people, and nature being shown in videos. Brienholt made the audience feel more connected to the world. Kelsey Burnett, a freshman exclaims, “I love how his music made me feel like I was truly living. He has a way of making you appreciate life a little bit more.”

Peter Breinholt shared his music talents at Snow College last week and the audience, like Kelsey, left feeling more alive and more appreciative of music.

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