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Pumpkin Painting Party at Snow

Students dive into their creative side while painting their pumpkins. Photo by Anna Mower.

The fall season is a time for many different activities; one that has become more common is the art of pumpkin painting.

The Student Body Officer (SBO) team decided to kick off the fall season through a Pumpkin Painting Party. This event was held to allow students to get to know new people, and to socialize with other students. There were tables set up for Badgers to grab a pumpkin and some paint and sit in order to paint their pumpkins.

Some Badgers even took it a step further by taking their pumpkins outside to paint them in the fall weather.

Student Body officer Naomi Willden said, “My favorite part of the activity was watching all types of people come together and create something of their own. I thought it was a fun way to kick off the fall season.”

Pumpkin painting is a way for students to showcase their personalities and artistic abilities. Some Badgers went all out while painting their pumpkins, and others chose to spend time socializing and eating cinnamon rolls while waiting for their friends. Not only did the environment allow Badgers to interact with their friends, but it also helped students to get to know the student body officers through watching them paint or talking to them.

For many students, this was a nice way to be able to more creatively express themselves. Freshman Whitney Nielson said, “I really liked seeing everyone’s creative side. I didn’t know what I wanted to do.” Her inspiration for her pumpkin came from pinterest.

While not everyone was able to participate in this activity, Badgers are invited to find ways to incorporate the season into their activities, whether it be through cooking, painting or even decorating. Take the time to destress and decompress through some festive fall activities.

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