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  • Sadie Cox

Snow College Counselling and Wellness Utilizes Nature

The Snow College Counselling and Wellness advocates utilizing the full power of nature to take them to new levels of mental health and awareness in Snow Canyon in Saint George. Photo courtesy of Sadie Cox.

Taking time from the crazy world and just getting away for the weekend is sometimes just what students need, and that is exactly what the Wellness Advocates and some of the counselors did.

The Wellness Center decided for their training this year that they would have a retreat and go down to St George.

When they finally got down to where they were staying, they got straight to work with the day full of meetings and enjoying everyone's company. The meetings throughout the weekend included lessons for the advocates to apply to their college and daily lives with people, like learning how to help them better and touch their lives.

While there, they were able to feel in touch with the world, while going on hikes in Snow Canyon and focusing on the little things in nature. Some of the things they were asked to notice included how they felt during the hike, spotting the ‘turtle head’ and the Arrowhead on the trail, plus so much more. Activities like this one don't just apply to that specific situation, Badgers can apply this lesson to their normal routines and try to focus more on the little things in life.

Wellness Advocates were not just there for the mental stress of life, but they were there to learn how to be better friends and classmates to others.

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