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  • Sandra Cox

Snow Dragon Restaurant Review

Snowdrift Staff Brynlee Green and Kalie Whitlock enjoy the taste of authentic chinese food from Snow Dragon. Photo by Carter Young.


As a college student in a small town, it can be difficult to find good food to eat at an affordable price. Snow Dragon serves as a great solution to this common problem. Not only do they offer good prices for large portions of food, but they also are open seven days a week and have an ideal location, sitting on the south end of Main Street across from Ace Hardware.

Apart from the great atmosphere and tasteful interior, they offer a wide variety of food that is hard to come by in a small town. In addition to being the only chinese restaurant around, they are also one of the few places in Ephraim where someone can sit down and enjoy their meal.

“It’s nothing fancy, but it is a wonderful, modest establishment,” said Snow College student, Marja Wells. “I love the location and the mood it brings.”

Snow Dragon is also a good way to feed multiple people for cheap prices. With menu items like Family Dinners, one can have an easy and affordable date or outting. Marcus Bahlmann, a fan of Snow Dragon, said, “Snow Dragon is one of my roommates and I’s favorite restaurants to go to. It perfectly fills us all up while being cheap to everyone.”

It also offers all the usual chinese food options one can expect and they make these dishes very well. The Snow Dragon offers great food and great prices for groups. Money is tight and so is everyone’s pants after visiting this place.

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