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  • Sandra Cox

Spring Cleaning at Snow

Ariana Mastin getting a head start on her Spring cleaning. Photo by Lily Larsen.

Have students ever wondered where to even start when cleaning a space? Spring is here which means a fresh start in a room, apartment, or dorm. Here are 5 ways to spring clean when it feels like the space needs decluttering from top to bottom. First, make different bins for “keep” and “get rid of” items. If Badgers are unsure whether to keep an item or not, try putting them in an “unsure” bin to go through after organizing the rest. Second, get rid of dust, mold, or clutter by emptying shelves or closets and reorganizing things while using chemicals to deep clean. Remember, spring cleaning doesn’t have to be a burden. It can be just a small section of what there is to go through. Third, make a list of things to go through. This could mean kitchen cabinets, a closet, a desk, or bathroom drawers. Make sure to clean the highest priority first. Fourth, get roommates involved. They can provide support for the shared living areas. Not only will it help the place look nice for friends who come over, but it helps all roommates be involved in the cleaning process. Finally, create a playlist to listen to while cleaning. This can keep the mood light when cleaning doesn't sound the greatest. Why should Badgers try spring cleaning? Mental health is important when in school, and a clean space can help one's mood. Badger Esther Rivas Says, “it's a major stress reliever and can be fun sometimes.” Spring cleaning can also help take some of the stress of moving out when the school year ends. Make sure to not overdo it and set realistic expectations of what can be cleaned. Happy spring cleaning Badgers.

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