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  • Sadie Cox

Students Fall Into Fall

Snow College students getting festive during the spooky season. Photo Courtesy of Snow College Facebook.

Fall is in the air and coming to Snow College fast; many people love fall. Fall is known to be full of beautiful leaves and weather. Many people believe that it is a time of fun games with friends and family.

This year Snow College advocates decided to do a Fall Fest with a variety of games, food, and fun. Their goal was to involve the whole college. Throughout the day, Student life had different activities that students could enjoy. These activities were things like bingo, or making sugar cookies earlier in the day to end it with getting soup and drinks made to show alternatives to drinking alcohol.

Savannah Richins, a freshman at Snow College, said “It was super fun, the food and the fall aesthetics made for a fun night with friends” During the dinner portion of the fall fest, the wellness center advocates handed out the drinks, They had a focus of educating students about Drink Smart for Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week. Their whole goal was to leave the students with a little bit more education on the ways they can drink smart.

Planners of this activity reported that the turnout for Fall Fest was more than just a success, there were lots of positive comments, joy and laughter throughout the whole night.

As students start to reach the end of the semester, activities like this are planned to help students laugh and enjoy a break from their studies. Carl Cox, a local mental health professional said, “Students need to be involved with the fun activities as well as stay up with their school work. It is vital to their mental health that students balance their work with their play.”

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