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  • Abby Hansen

Swipe for Soulmates on Dating Apps

Maddie Geldmacher swiping through tinder with friends to find a fun date. Photo by Savanah Orgill.

Being lonely in a world full of rom-coms, sappy love stories, and hardly any attention from the preferred gender can be hard. That’s why dating apps have helped young adults find love. Dating apps are not only a great way to help meet people, but they can also potentially help students find a lover to spoil for Valentine's Day. There are a variety of dating apps that students can pick based on their preferences. Within those apps there are subscriptions as well, allowing users to see who likes their profile.

Now, how can Badgers get matches on these apps? Making a well-rounded profile can help. Filling out a bio and doing the prompts is the first thing that can help someone get matches. Try including a favorite movie, place to eat, or hobbies, and this can help users find someone similar to them. Another tip is to open the conversation with something other than a “hey, how are you?” instead comment on something from their profile. This helps the conversation to last longer, leading to future conversations. Student Alex Morales says “dating apps can be useful to meet new people.” Dates don’t have to lead to a second date, they can simply be to get to know someone and find preferences of what students like in a potential partner.

Safety is important when meeting for a date. Whether that means sharing the location with a friend, meeting in a public place, or calling beforehand, it ensures safety in the dating world. Once on the date, remember to be polite. This means opening doors for the person or offering to pay for the activity or food. This can leave a good impression. Making a date fun doesn’t have to mean spending tons of money. A simple drive up the canyon to hammock or go stargazing can be a fun memory to look back on. At the end of the date don’t be pressured to kiss them if things didn't go as hoped. But if it does happen, well… let's hope it leads to an even better second date.

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