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The 24th Annual Founder ’s Day Concert

In 1888, Snow College was founded as one of the first colleges in the territory of Utah. On November 5, 2022, Snow College will host the 24 annual Founder’s Day concert at the Eccles Center. It will be run by the A Cappella Choir and Wind Symphony at 7:30PM. This is to commemorate the anniversary of Snow College.

Snow College was founded in 1888. The original name of the school was Sanpete Stake Academy, but was renamed Snow Academy in honor of Lorenzo Snow. He was the fifth president of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. He and his brother Erastus helped settle the Sanpete Valley. The Church worked alongside the school until 1931, when it disassociated itself from the school and the state took to be a state supported institution. Included in its rich history is the formation of the A Cappella Choir.

The choir is a class that you can sign up for. It is taught by Dr. Michael Huff. He attended the University of Utah and Arizona State University. He has served as the music faculty at the University of Utah, taught at Utah State University, and is currently the director of choral activities and Head of the Piano Area at Snow College.

The Acappella choir is known for singing during important and reverent occasions, similar to founder’s day. The choir’s other big show of the year was on October 13. It was a show called “In Remembrance” that was performed with all of Snow College’s choirs. According to, it was “a musical reflection on the lives lived and lost”.

Sadie Cox, a singer in the choir, said, “I absolutely love singing here at Snow in A Cappella! Dr. Huff is so amazing and the people in the choir make it such an amazing experience.” The talent on both the directorial side and the singers of this choir are bound to make this a wonderful night.

Make sure to get your tickets. Adults are $10, seniors/youth are $8, and students with activity cards are $3. This concert is intended to be a night of joy, peace, and enriching your love of music and Snow College.

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