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  • Sandra Cox

Thoughtful Valentine’s Day Gifts to Buy

Ephraim Wal-Mart has thoughtful and simple Valentine’s Day gifts to buy for a significant other. Photo by Raegann McCurdy.

With Valentine's Day just around the corner many people are wondering what to get their partner. And when a gift is for a loved one, students want it to be the best, so here are some gift ideas.

The first gift idea is handmade. This gift is made out of a jar with paper hearts inside of it. On the paper hearts the gift giver can write out the things that they love about their partner. For example, one could write “I love your smile” or “I love how determined you get when you set your mind to something.” This idea is a personalized gift, since the person receiving the gift will know that a lot of thought and effort went into the gift.

Continuing on, another gift idea is to give them their favorite dessert. Many consider the common phrase “Food is the way to a man's heart” to be true. So what food is better than sugary sweets? Some common favorite desserts include pie, chocolate chip cookies, brownies or fudge.

In addition, another option is to give heartfelt poems. Depending on the person, they could either write original poems or compile a collection of poems that remind them of their partner, or poems they think their partner would like.

Another option is a classic: the flowers and a card combo. This one may seem a little cliche as it is seen over and over again in popular media, but if done right can be greatly appreciated. From wildflowers to lilies and tulips, there are countless flowers to use in bouquets. Providing countless opportunities to create the perfect bouquet. Combined with a sweet note this will be enough to swipe someone off of their feet.

In conclusion, Valentine’s Day is a day of showing people how much they are appreciated. And gifts should be well thought out, and put together. If the gift comes from the heart there is no way to go wrong.


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