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  • Sandra Cox

Who is Jennifer Bigelow?

Snow College alumni, Jennifer Bigelow, is a proud badger and is happy to be working at her alma mater. Photo by Mitchell Casey.

Jennifer Bigelow is a Tech person that works here at Snow College. She works up on the third floor in the Lucy Phillips Building. She has been working at Snow for 10 years and absolutely loves it.

Jennifer loves Snow College because college in general, she loves the environment and the people. It's a very good spirit here and she enjoys working here.

The craziest thing that has happened to her in the years she has worked here was when they thought there was a shooter on campus and it just turned out to be an airsoft gun. A few things about Jennifer that she prides herself in, is that she likes to hike and read.

Her favorite book is the Christmas Carol, especially anything by Charles Dickens. She has four kids, and two grandchildren, which she says are the very best part of her life.

Her favorite vacation is Moloki, Hawaii. Some of the activities on her bucket list is to go to Scotland, Ireland and South Africa. Jennifer is an amazing part of Snow College and students like how nice it is to have a place to get help with computer issues and any other problems they have. Snow College folks love having Jennifer on the staff and are glad she works here.


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