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Arby's Coming Into Ephraim

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

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Coming in the year 2022, Ephraim city will be getting an Arbys. According to the Ephraim city news letter, the American fast food sandwich chain will be building a new facility. The new building is said to be located across the street from Walmart, and north of the carwash.

Snow College student Sierra Thomson, said “she is excited to have more variety when it comes to places to eat in town.” Sierra currently works at an Arby’s restaurant in Nephi Utah and loves doing so. This can also be a great job opportunity for college students.

Many residents of Ephraim city are excited to welcome this new addition to the town. Investing in the restaurant will be a new and exciting aspect that will be useful to everyone.

Brooke Robertson, a freshman here at Snow College, reports that “Ephraim needs to be more diverse in the food choices that are provided for not only college students, but for the rest of the town’s residences.” Brooke supports the decision to bring in this new source of meals, and she is excited to see the effect that it has on students.

With nearly 3,400 Arby’s restaurants in the world, it is the second largest restaurant chain. Their most popular item on their menu is the Classic Roast Beef sandwich. Arbys is known for its roast beef, and although the restaurant started focusing on meats, it has now evolved into many other types of food. From the main course, to the delicious dessert, the arby’s menu has what you want, and it is exciting that the people of Ephraim will get to enjoy it.

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