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DEMO on Display

One Snow College students art on display at the showcase. Photo by Mckenna Benson.

A prestigious place at Snow College admiring and showcasing art is Snow’s Art Gallery. Located in the hallway of the Bell Tower-side entrance of the Humanities building, the Art Gallery is open to the public and is free to all.

The Art Gallery is a room displaying new art from students every year and from faculty twice per year. All types of art from paintings, drawing, 3-dimensional, sculpting, or molding; visual art lives here. It’s a place to not only see art, but also to understand new perspectives, different styles of expression, and become more involved with art, especially art at Snow.

Currently, the gallery is having an exhibition called “DEMO.” The gallery is open Monday through Friday 8:30 am - 5:00 pm, and the exhibition will go until Friday, December 16 of this year.

Students and families alike enjoy going to the Art Gallery. Hannah Lanier, second-year student, said, “I went – because my boyfriend’s family was visiting and we have never really looked around.” She added, “The Art Gallery made me feel interested in what the art students make – it shows art that people took a lot of time and effort in.”

Inspiration, Critique, or just deep observation with self, friends, or family, is what makes this place prestigious to students at Snow.

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