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Friday Night Improv Entertainment

Natalie Kunhi and Zac Webster, improv hosts, explain how prompts can come from audience suggestions. Photo by Brynlee Green.


Snow College’s very own Improv Team kicked off the season by performing last weekend in the Eccles Center’s Black Box. The Improv Team performed unrehearsed sketches based on suggestions from the audience, bringing in funny and entertaining skits.

Each team member got an opportunity to test their improv skills in the games given by one of the show hosts, Natalie Kuhni. Natalie says, “I think it’s good for an audience to watch improv… with the improv we do it’s super light-hearted and funny and sometimes you need a break from studying. It’s a good thing to come and experience and have a laugh with us.” The prompts given to the team members come directly from the audience, which can cater to all types of humor.

Actor Audrey Jones, who is starting her 3rd semester with the improv team, says, “[Improv] is a really good way to build life skills. When you learn to think quickly and create wit… it helps you solve things quickly and to think on your feet.” Along with her other teammates, Audrey performed last weekend while appearing multiple times in front of the audience. Outside of performing, Audrey says, “I’ve definitely created a lot of good friends through improv and rehearsals. Getting to know the team outside of rehearsals and getting to spend that time with them is the biggest thing.” The team’s next improv show will be the 23rd and 24th of September. The admission for a show is $1 per person, and they encourage everyone to come.

Auditions for the improv team are held at the beginning of every semester, and flyers are posted around the campus with details about their next performances. Natalie gives a piece of advice, saying, “Don’t be scared. Everyone starts somewhere and everyone starts somewhere different. It just takes practice and it’s so worth it at the end of the day to just try.” For more information about the Improv Team and their upcoming shows, go to their instagram @letthemimprovise or contact the instructor Dean Bressler.

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