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  • Sandra Cox

Learn About College Clubs

Students and club leaders gather together at a buzzing club rush to start off the new year. Photo by Caitlin Kelsey.

Here at Snow College there are many classes, events, and activities for both the students and faculty members to participate in. There are often signs and notices around campus informing of what, when, and where said events and activities take place.

One such event recently held here on campus in the GSC building is known as Club Rush. An event where the different clubs and organizations of the college set up tables and put on display objects and/or pictures related to their activities and purpose. There members of the clubs can answer any questions that a passerby may have.

One such benefit of these clubs is that it provides an opportunity for those of similar interests and hobbies to become acquainted with each other and to socialize where they may never have otherwise.

Another is that if there is a class a student may be considering, but they are not sure if they would actually enjoy or be interested in, they might just find a club related to that class they can join to see if it is something worthwhile to them.

Clubs are student run so if there is not a particular club a student would like to join, they can start one up themselves. So if Badgers have a hobby, interest, or just want to socialize and get to know fellow students, they are encouraged to find a club and join it. Who knows, it just may change their outlook on life.

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