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  • Randi Bryant

Snow Celebrates Mardi Gras

Snow College prides itself in the activites put on by the diligent SBOs. Photo by Sam Holder.

Mardi Gras season has come and Snow College students celebrated it with fun, games, and plenty of treats. Students enjoyed playing casino games and entered to win prizes with their wins from the games.

The first half-hour of the event was spent teaching students how to play Roulette, Black Jack, and other games. Money prizes were available for students. Chips were traded for tickets to win prizes and enter the prize drawing. Students were given bead necklaces and Mardi Gras masks to celebrate the night.

Camila Nunez, a student from the Student Life Organization, said, “I like this event because I think it brings a certain kind of crowd. We like to have a kind of inclusive environment for everyone and it brings everyone together. Plus, it’s fun to take part in the Mardi Gras culture.”

Mardi Gras is a major holiday celebrated in most European countries, but also in America. People gather together and have parades to celebrate the “good times.” Snow wanted their students to have the same experience.

Vance Strait, another student involved in the Student Life Organization, said that he likes the event because, “It’s super engaging. It involves a lot of people and I like being around a lot of people. It makes it fun.”

Student Events are hosted all over campus throughout the school year. Students are encouraged to attend to make friends and try new things. For more information, students can download the Snow College App and go to for updates on on-campus activities.

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