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Snow's Symphony Orchestra

Horne School of Music at Snow College. Photo Courtesy of the Snow College Performing Arts Instagram Page.


The Snow College Orchestra is a group of some of the school's brightest students. Like any ability, these students must work everyday to grow their talent in music.

Aly Gillette, a violinist in the symphony says, “I have played for seven years!” Work and drive is everything. In orchestra, they not only have played for several years, but continue to practice for hours a day.

This persistent practice leads to the music they perform. On November 18, 2022 they will be having their first concert. The Symphony Orchestra mainly plays for the college and its seasonal performances.

Right now, they are preparing songs for their fall concert. The music being learned is based around the concept “Water.” Notes, tempo, volume, and the diverse instruments used change the way the music is interpreted. The music mimics the way water sounds and feels.

Georgia Fenton, also a violinist says, “I think the water music is super fun because it’s nice to know the imagery behind what I’m playing and it helps me play with more expression. With the water music the notes go up and down a lot, like a river. There’s also fast parts that are like rapids and pretty parts that are like a waterfall.”

Georgia, along with the rest of the orchestra, is working hard, learning, and growing. Mark the calendar and stop by on November 18 to hear Snow College’s very own Symphony Orchestra.

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