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True Badgers Kiss Under a Full Moon

The Bell Tower is lit up on every True Badger night to carry on tradition. Photo by Patrick Kastner.

A renowned tradition at Snow happens several times a year. Every full moon, right after midnight, students at Snow gather around the Bell tower outside the Greenwood Student Center for one particular thing. A kiss. Students who kiss under the tower on a full moon become “True Badgers.” A title mostly of sentimental value, it’s a well-known social event at Snow.

The event is commonly a small gathering of students who know about the tradition – nothing major. But this most recent full moon, on November 12th, Snow Student Life actually hosted it as an event. This meant advertising and more student involvement. The activities followed along with the emphasis of asking for consent which was shared across campus this year. Additionally, there was a DJ with music and a little “runway” for students to line up by the bell tower for the kissing to commence. Official cards of recognition were given out to those who did it, adding more to the spirit of the activity.

Many students had a great time, despite some awkwardness. When asked, “What are your thoughts on True Badger Night?” Ana Diaz, sophomore, said, “I think it’s a very great opportunity for people to meet their one and only love.” Then when followed up with, “what are your ‘real’ thoughts on True Badger Night?” she said, “It’s kind of grody; someone can get mono, but I’m all for it bro.”

Vic Ostergaard, a third-year student, said with a chuckle, “It’s pretty cringe, not gonna lie, but I have done it, so I can’t say anything.”

True Badger Night is a way for students to mix it up a little, and have some fun, especially with friends. Potentially leading to a kiss for many, and being a social event for all, True Badger or not, it can be a fun night for students.

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