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Jackson Jones demonstrates a good way to woo a woman as he picks up Sadie Tanner for a V-Day date.  Photo by Ashley Raymond.

Fear No More

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, is that love I smell or just confusion? Some of you may be facing the question of should I…

The cast for the next Snow College production of Pirates of Penzance are ready to show you all their
amazing skills and maybe even get you to laugh a bit too. Be sure to go and see them in action in the
upcoming show.
Photo Courtesy Of Snow College Theater Department

Pirates of Penzance Preview

Pirates? Singing? Dancing? Comedy? Throw these all together, place them in the 1800s, and you have The Pirates of Penzance. The Pirates of Penzance…

Kelly Breckenridge checks out Project Almanacs movie review on IMDb. She has been waiting to see the
movie, but sadly it’s not in Ephraim yet. It has a 6.6 rating it’s looking good so far.
Photo by: Ileana Brown

Project Almanac

Guns, explosions, things blowing up. These are just some of the elements found in a Michael Bay film. He has given us explosions with…