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  • Eden Boylan

Badgers Attend Snow Dance Film Festival

Here are several of the winners of the Snow Dance Film Festival. They stand with pride, accomplishment, and excitement as they reach the finish line of this production. Photo by Raeganne Hester.

Art is no stranger to Badgers at Snow College. The Eccles Center held the Snow Dance Film Festival on Tuesday, March 14th, highlighting the talent of young artists.

This event featured a number of short films written, directed, and created by members of the Snow College student body with themes including, but not limited to, pollution, loss, belonging, sexuality, and crime, shown in a variety of mediums.

The lobby at the Eccles Center held other art pieces created by students with exceptional talent and creativity that attendees had the opportunity to view before and after the showing.

After films were shown on the big screen, it was time to hand out awards for both the short films and art pieces found on display.

The Audience Choice Award for Best Film went to Julio Morales for his short film titled “Dupe” about breaking and entering. “No students were harmed in the making” was his message to the audience.

The other winners were selected by Snow College judges and a local art teacher.

Winner of Best Film Overall was Amelie Henry, who had not only one, but four of her short films in the running. She reflected on the experience: “It’s always nice to get some recognition. It’s cool to be appreciated on a grander scale of college, but I also really appreciate my friends and family and their support. It’s cool to get a prize, but it’s also cool to have people see my work.”

Faith Sorenson received the first place award for Best Art Overall. She said, “Having this opportunity is really really great, not only to see everybody else’s work, but to see my work with everybody else’s.”

The night was full of activities, with a raffle, refreshments, and exposure to the talent of some aspiring artists in the community.

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