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  • Sandra Cox

Badgers Take to Nature in Sanpete

Snow students come together in an act of service, repainting the "S" for future generations. Photo by Anna Mower.


Sanpete county is filled with outdoor recreational opportunities, but knowing where to explore can be difficult. Hiking is a fantastic way to become familiar with the environment, spend time with others, or take a break from everyday responsibilities. Here are 3 local hikes to cross off your ‘badger bucket list.’

Approximately fifteen minutes up Ephraim canyon is a hike to a Keebler Tree. This is a short .2 mile one way walk accompanied with a view of Ephraim city. The Keebler tree is a homemade replica of the Keebler cookie logo. There is a geocache located inside the hollowed out tree, with items to trade, and the option to sign the log book.

Box Canyon is located in Maple Canyon near Moroni, UT. This trail consists of cobble flooring, surrounded by canyon walls. Box Canyon is rated a moderate 1.2 mile out-and-back hike, filled with towering boulder obstacles to climb over and around. When nearing the end, students may encounter a small stream and two separate rope climbs to scale the canyon walls.

While in Box Canyon badgers will likely encounter hikers and rock climbers. Liz (unknown last name), a climbing enthusiast said, “[Box Canyon is] easy on the skin and hands, easily accessible, has little sun, and most climbs have permadraws so you don’t have to hang your own.” Box Canyon is one of the many hiking and climbing thrills of Maple Canyon, with plenty to explore.

Snow College's very own “S” is a recognized Sanpete hike. To honor the ‘National Day of Service’ many Snow College students spent September 10th restoring this land marker. Boulders were moved, dusted, and brooms were used to spread the paint onto the rocks. Caleb Matthews, a current Snow College student, said, “When hiking the “S,” grab a friend, bring a snack, and water. It isn’t that hard of a hike when you are with awesome people.” This 1.4 mile out-and-back hike has a casual beginning, with a steep climb near the end. Go witness the new and improved “S.”

With the upcoming change of seasons, mother nature will put on a color show in Sanpete county. Take the opportunity to get outside and enjoy the sunshine, before students become stuck inside.


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