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Breathe Clean to Diminish College Stress

Students visiting the Breathe Deep, Breathe Clean booth at Club Rush to show their advocacy for the program. Photo courtesty of Anna Mower

For many Badgers, joining a club is a major event. It provides a way for students to be involved and get to know new people who have things in common with them.

Many students do not know about the Breathe Deep Breathe Clean club. It is run by the wellness advocates here at Snow College and goes hand in hand with the ideas they share. Wellness Advocate, Aspen Collett describes the club, “as a way to take a nice mental break from school.”

The club centers around the idea of maintaining good mental health along with doing school work. Students who participate in the activities are invited to decompress from the stress that comes with studying for school.

The Snow College app shares this in regards to the club, “We encourage each other to live a more healthy lifestyle by raising awareness of physical health, mental wellness challenges, and by enjoying activities that promote healthy living with the goal of better academic success.”

Badgers are encouraged to check out the clubs here on campus and find something that interests them. Whether or not the Breathe Deep Breathe Clean club sounds like a good fit for some, just give it a shot, maybe it will be the break that they need.


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