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Celebrate Valentines With Romantic Comedies

Patrick and the little puppy Kenai watch a rom com together hoping to understand the significance of such productions. Photo by Anna Mower

For many people, Valentine’s Day is a time for love and all that comes with it. One of these things may be watching Romantic Comedies (Rom Coms). It is a way for many to find themselves in a different world; to open up to others by expressing their interest for the emotions and actions that many find uncommon or even a little, strange.

When asked about Valentine’s Day and Rom Coms, Brooke Guyman said, "I think watching Rom-Coms on Valentine’s Day is a great activity to do, especially for those single.” Not only do they allow couples to enjoy a cozy night in, but Rom Coms can be enjoyed by almost anyone.

Guymon recounts some of her favorite Rom Coms including While You Were Sleeping, Sleepless In Seattle, You’ve Got Mail and Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

These movies are not only good for couples, but can also be enjoyed by friends and roommates as well. Rom Coms have something for everyone, with romance, humor and sometimes even suspense. Each movie also differs in style. For some, The Proposal, starring Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds may be their top choice, but others may prefer something a little more subtle.

While some may disagree, Guymon expresses her interest in these movies by stating, “they are what almost every girl is looking for in a relationship. Someone to love them unconditionally and uncontrollably. Someone that will put everything aside to make that someone happy."

If students prefer movies based on books, there are plenty that fit into the Rom Com category. Some of these include the To All The Boys I’ve Loved trilogy and The Kissing Booth. Another major title in this category is Isn’t it Romantic, starring Rebel Wilson, which makes fun of Rom Coms.

Whether it comes to strongly liking or disliking Rom Coms, Badgers are encouraged to try them out this holiday season. This is an idea that students can look forward to this Valentine’s Day. Whether it is just with roommates, friends or even that special person, Rom Coms might be the answer of what to do.


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