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  • Sandra Cox

Disneys Haunted Mansion reviewed

By Jenny Ruppe

“Haunted Mansion” is a supernatural comedy about Gabbie, a single mom and her nine year old son who move to an old mansion in New Orleans in hopes of a fresh start. After realizing the mansion is haunted by ghosts Gabbie hires a priest, a tour guide, psychic and a historian to help her perform an exorcism on their new mansion.

The movie is filled with lots of humor and heart. According to Richard Roper, a film reviewer, “One of the things I loved about ‘Haunted Mansion’ is the disparity in performances. ‘Haunted Mansion’ is a loud and raucous and semi-scary good time, but it also has real heart.”

Throughout the film there are many moments that will have the audience laugh and scream.

Harriet said to Ben in the Haunted Mansion, “ On days when I get really low I’ll hear a train in the distance. I call those ghost winks.” There are many inspiring quotes throughout the film Haunted Mansion. Even though this film is scary and humorous, there are serious moments that can teach a lesson to the audience.

The Haunted Mansion is a must see this Halloween Season. College Students will be able to watch Haunted Mansion on Disney Plus on October 4th, 2023 just in time for spooky season. This movie is highly recommended for family and friends alike.


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