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  • Sandra Cox

Sing Out the Heart and Soul

Dr. Michael Huff directs the Snow College choir in Carmina Burana. Photo by Emma Perkins.

The music program held a two-night performance of choral and instrumental arrangements. The various choirs at Snow College put on a show, with their first concert being ‘Songs, Singing, and Synergy’, a performance of different choral arrangements.

The second performance was of ‘Carmina Burana’, a famous opera written by Carl Orff. The choirs were able to tell a story through the music while accompanied by other students in the music program. Three Snow College Alumni performed as soloists and were able to show the audience their training and return to the college for the performance.

Tutasi Fewell, a student in the choir, remarked on her performance, “I absolutely loved singing in ‘Carmina Burana’. Seeing the choir and ensemble coming together to make beautiful music always makes me happy. I probably might never sing this piece again, but I am so grateful I sang it with the Snow College choir.”

Another student, Dasha Taylor, attended the ‘Songs, Singing, and Synergy’ performance and said, “I enjoyed the choir concert. I went there to support my friend.” The choir congregated after the performances to congratulate each other on their hard work and to meet with friends and family members.

Many students at Snow College support each other through the music program and other performing arts, as well as academics.

Students are encouraged to see the performances at Snow College during the school year. For information on the performance schedules, students can download the Snow College app or explore the activities calendar on the Snow College website at to get started.


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