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Srilatha Singha at Snow Convocation

Srilatha Singha, Founder of Artistic director of Chitrakaavya Dance came to speak, showcase, and perform her dance at Snow College’s convocation event. Events held weekly. Photo Courtesy of Brooklyn Bancroft.

Srilatha Singh, the Founder and Artistic Director of Chitrakaavya Dance, was a recent guest speaker at Snow College’s Convocation. She spoke on Thursday, February 23rd in the concert hall of the Eccles Center for the Performing Arts.

Singh has a Ph.D. in Mathematics in 3-manifold topology, which deals with geometry of spaces, and the same fascination with geometry is imbued in her passion for Indian Classical Dance. Singh uses Chitrakaayya to, “explore her abiding passion for the classical Indian dance forms.”

Trained in Bharatanatyam, primarily the Kalakshetra tradition, she enjoys choreographing to new and unexplored themes, and teaching and presenting mythology, rhythm, mathematics, poetry and theater, all through the medium of Bharatanatyam. Her interests include questions of historically re-interpreted classicism and contextualizing the evolution of this art form as well as its relevance to contemporary identity.

Chitrakaavya Dance is a Salt Lake City based non-profit that conceptualizes movement as visual poetry. Part of their mission is, “to raise the level of discourse around Indian classical dance forms, and have them be recognized for their demanding, yet remarkably versatile vocabulary.”

Students can gain credit for attending Convocation by enrolling in GNST 1060 or GNST 1065. However, any student or person who may be curious about or interested in Convocation is welcomed and encouraged to attend one in person, which is held on Thursdays from 12:30pm - 1:20pm, and is completely free.

For more information about Convocation, visit or search “WATCHit Snow College” on youtube to view past speakers and presentations.

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