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Dreams Brought to Life

“The stars held my dreams!” Photo by Karen Rowley.

In need of some new music? Don’t stress! Tune in on Spotify or Apple Music; Falling by Karen Cole.

Snow Student Karen Rowley has been singing for as long as she can remember. When she was 7 years old she wrote her dad a song for Father’s Day, giving each of her sisters a singing part. She soon began group singing lessons, and at age 12 started private singing lessons. Sophomore year of high school, Karen officially started writing music and wrote her first original, “I’m Moving On”.

Just recently on November 1, Karen released an original, “Stars On My Ceiling (Falling)”. She says, “The idea of this song hatched when the stars on my ceiling started falling off. The stars held my dreams. Picking them up off the floor made me sad because it reminded me that I was growing up.” The boy she liked was also moving to Alaska. She took the idea from the song “Somewhere out there”, where they were in two separate places but were still under the same moon. She thought similarly, singing about how her and the boy she liked were both under stars, the stars on her ceiling and the stars in the sky. After listening to her song many are left wondering, Is her song about falling in love or about growing up?

Karen's goal is to connect people with her music. “I want them to think, “Oh I’ve felt that before, somebody understands me!” Karen writes both happy and sad music, all with the goal in making people feel and connect. “Music is a language that speaks to everyone, and I want to share that language!”

Karen gives a big thanks to her friends and family for helping on this path to fulfill her dream. Karen is releasing 3 more original songs next year, the first one coming out on February 1st! She also has some covers coming out in January. Karen is fulfilling her dream! Snow College is proud of her and the rest of its students in the dreams they are each pursuing.


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