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  • Sandra Cox

Escape the mountains with Tropic Skate Night

Skate night at Snow College has started again this fall semester, and this September the theme went tropical. Students dressed up in colorful tropical clothing and hats.

Starting at 7 pm, the skating night welcomed a lot of people till around 10 pm and everyone had the opportunity to change groups every 30 minutes.

While handing out different colored glow sticks, the students of Snow college were able to differentiate the groups and also have more color and lights added to the event, making it a very bright and fun evening.

“It was a sometimes painful, but super fun event. I have never tried skating before, that event made me more excited for the next skate night,” said international Student Nina Hofmann. Student Annie Stinger adds, “I thought it was really fun actually, I have only ever rollerbladed so this was my first time roller skating. I thought it was fun with all the lights and music.”

The positive atmosphere during the skating evening makes the anticipation for the next one, on October 16th, even greater.


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