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  • Sandra Cox

Fun Halloween Dates

Spooky Season is just around the corner, there are students that want to do something fun with their significant other or someone they want to go out with during the month of October especially with Halloween coming up.

One idea would be to have a spooky movie marathon for a date. An old black and white movie that is a classic is Frankenstein(1939). This is a simple and affordable date idea, where students can make popcorn and Halloween treats.

Another date idea would be to have a Murder mystery dinner for a group date. Everyone would bring a Halloween themed dish or a dessert. Free murder mystery games are accessible online for students to print off game pieces such as different weapons, the clues to solve, and the story. Everyone can dress up like their character. Or you could make a dinner party based on the board game clue.

A third idea would be to make an affordable Halloween craft. Students could carve Pumpkins together. Google and Pinterest have many craft ideas that are simple to make and are affordable for college students.

Ilanah Hunt, a student at Snow College said, “ My dream Halloween themed date is to carve or paint pumpkins, drive up the canyon to see all the changing leaves, and watch a Halloween movie not specifically scary.”

A fourth date idea would be to have a Halloween cook off, each couple could pick their own recipe to make or they could make a designated recipe to make. Two couples could judge the competition while the other 4 to 6 couples make the Halloween dessert or dish.

Sabrina Taylor, a Snow College Student said, “My dream Halloween themed date is probably similar to most people’s. Pumpkin patch, cookies, hot chocolate, and a classic scary movie. I also think going to a haunted house would be super fun, but that’s a more expensive outing.”

There are many things to do at Snow College, students just have to be willing to try new things and be willing to look outside the box. There are many dating ideas available to do during October.

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