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Get Ready: Spotify Wrapped is Here

Caleb Farnsworth Showing us his 2022 Spotify Wrap. Photo by Caleb Farnsworth.

The year is coming to an end, which means Spotify will be releasing their users Spotify Wrapped to see their top songs, artists, and more of the year.

In December 2016, Spotify released a campaign called ‘Spotify Wrapped’ to allow users to see their activity on the platform for the past year. Since then, it has become an annual tradition for Spotify’s 433 million users to look back at their favorites of the year. Spotify starts collecting data from January 1st until October 31. And by the first week of December, the streaming platform will be ready to send their users Spotify Wrapped. But instead of sending a regular list, Spotify adds extra features and categories to make the reveal more interesting.

More than anything else, Spotify users are open to finding out who their top artists and songs are, but there are more categories than just those two. Spotify gives a visual representation of users' top five songs, artists, genres, and how many minutes of music they listened to. But in 2021, Spotify added three new categories; three songs that would be “the movie soundtrack” of your year, top podcasts, and the mood and images of your “audio aura.” And in today’s day and age, sharing parts of life includes sharing something as simple as Spotify Wrapped.

If Badgers actively use social media sites, they’ll see friends Spotify Wrapped within minutes. Aleda Boyce, a junior at Snow College, says,“ I don’t share my Spotify Wrapped on social media, but I love seeing others. I think it’s fun to see.”

Spotify Wrapped indeed shows everything someone has listened to in the past year, including those guilty pleasures. Plus, if students were a hardcore fan of a specific song or artist, a part of Spotify Wrapped lets users know if they were in the top ten percent listeners of a song or artist.

Boyce continues, “Music is a huge part of our generation. What we listen to helps us express our individuality while still being able to connect with others who have different tastes. It brings us together.” And there’s no better way to connect than through music.

To access Spotify Wrapped, open the app, go to the ‘search’ section, and the first box at the top should say “View Your Spotify Wrap.” At the bottom of that box, Spotify includes more categories of the top artists and song streams globally. This campaign is an excellent memory down the lane for the future in the world of music.


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