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Great Ways Badgers Can Spend Their Free Time

A college of some of the fine places students go to for fun in Ephraim. Photo by Casey Mitchell.


\With the new school year starting, many Snow students struggle to find ways to take up their spare time. In all reality, they may not be as obvious, but there are a lot of different activities to do here.

Students around campus were asked what their favorite things to do were. Anna Mower, a member of the Western Swing Club, had this to say when asked about things to do here, “I like going to swing and I like teaching line dances. My favorite thing at swing is doing lifts because not a lot of people can do them.”

Feeling hungry? Try McDonalds, Joses, Los Amigos, Solid Rock Cafe, Roys Pizza and Pasta, the Malt Shop, Subway, Little Caesars, Abundance, Snow Dragon Chinese Restaurant. If you’re just looking for a snack, think about trying Yo-Crazy, Fiiz, or Sip-It.

With the mountains so close there are a lot of different things to do such as fishing, hiking, and going on rides. Snow College student Julio Morales said, “Mountain Biking down Ephraim Canyon is one of my favorites, there are some sick trails to go on.”

Another Snow College student Naomi Willden said, “My favorite thing to do is driving up the canyon and watching the sunset and maybe getting a kiss if you're lucky.” There are many different things to do up Ephraim Canyon.

Some students have found other ways to keep themselves entertained on a budget. Snow College student Shad Howell said, “When I go hammocking I feel at peace and the weather now is just right and I always have lots of fun socializing with my friends when they go with me.”

Looking for something fun to do with friends? Try out Bad Axes, Snowcap Lanes, or you could go see a movie at Southtown Theater. Aubriel Francis, a SBO at Snow College said, “Two dollar Tuesdays at Snowcap Lanes are a great deal you don’t want to miss out on and they are always so much fun when you bring all your friends.” Snowcap Lanes also has a built-in diner to snack while bowling.

Francis also said “The $30 mini facials at Rural Beauty are so good and definitely worth it,” Rural Beauty is located in the north part of Ephraim and offers lots of cosmetic outlooks.

There are many things to do in Ephraim in the school year; it just depends on your level of energy and your desire to eat.

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