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How to Exist and Survive in Today's America

Dennis Schugk, teaching his Intro to Corrections 1300 class, about criminal thinking erros and their impact on the criminal justice system. Photo by Brynlee Green.


Students attending Snow College can benefit from the criminal justice and social work courses offered year-round, as they cover areas outside of law enforcement and give a basic understanding of the justice system in our country.

Dennis Schugk, a tenured criminal justice professor at Snow College says, “Introduction to Criminal Justice 1010 is a class that all students should take, because no matter what we do in life the system will impact us one way or another.” The program teaches students more than just law enforcement, as it branches out into multiple areas such as family relations, juveniles, government, etc. It’s designed to help people deal with emotions, people, and how to solve problems without violence.

Anyone can take a criminal justice class, and are even encouraged to do so as it gives an idea of how the constitution works. Also, when making laws it's an area that needs to be looked at and considered so it follows the constitution. When asked why should students learn about the criminal justice system, Jorge Espin, an international student said, “I think it’s really important to know how the laws work here… everything in my country is so different from here” International students are invited to consider taking a class or two because it gives a basic background of how to survive and exist in this country.

Deciding whether or not to take a criminal justice class doesn’t have to be a hard decision to make. Schugk questions,“What could you do if you could do anything? What would you do that would make you happy?” says Schugk, “When we look at careers we want a career that we will enjoy… Always take a fun class so you can see what you like and don't like.” After being in different positions throughout the social work and criminal justice system, for more than 34 years, Schugk better defines what the program can do for students, and how to make a career out of it.

When looking for future careers/options students can consider the criminal justice program to help determine what's right for them. “For me it's really crucial to learn the criminal justice system because I would like to be an attorney.” says Jorge, “I think Introduction to Criminal Justice is a really good start to getting an associates degree in criminal justice.” If the question on whether or not to take a criminal justice class arises, consider reaching out to professors/staff that specialize in that area for more help/information.

More information about the program and its courses are available on the Snow College website. Reach out to Dennis Schugk or the Dean of Division of Social and Behavioral Science for any questions/interest in the criminal justice program.


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