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Mr. Grinch is Here

The Grinch from the 2018 release. Photo by Fandom.

In November 2000, Dr. Suess's live adaptation of a children's novel, How The Grinch Stole Christmas, came to theaters. The story follows a tall, green, hairy creature, Mr. Grinch, who lives in the mountains, far away from the town of Whoville. He hates everything about Christmas and plans to ruin the Christmas cheer from Whoville. But his plans change when he encounters a little girl at the house he is stealing presents from.

The book and the live adaptation became a part of many childhoods and one of many favorite Christmas movies. However, the story was about a creature trying to ruin Christmas. The humor, cheerfulness of the characters, and the colorful town of Whoville make the story joyful. But of course, the show's star was himself, Mr. Grinch.

Who would have thought a grumpy and mean character like Mr.Grinch would become an iconic symbol for Christmas? Students may have heard it before, but when someone starts acting grouchy during the holiday season, they will likely be called a Grinch, “don’t be such a Grinch.” And it goes beyond that once November comes around and stores start putting on their holiday decorations; most likely, Badgers will find the Grinch’s face somewhere.

Stores dedicate shelves of Grinch decorations. People decorate their houses with Grinch Everything. A Snow College student's parent says, “Anytime I see Grinch pajamas, that’s what my family will be wearing on Christmas morning. He’s everywhere; how could you ignore a sarcastic character.” And indeed he is everywhere, and there's a possibility of meeting him.

Universal Studios also has a “Grinchmas” show for guests to purchase tickets and watch. If they can’t make it to the show, there’s a possibility of running into the Whoville characters at the park and maybe meeting Mr. Grinch.

He is everywhere and continues to expand to new fans. In 2018, the animated version of How The Grinch Stole Christmas came out in theaters, but the title was changed to The Grinch. The plot is the same, but it’s a movie for the new generation of kids. The parent continues saying, “ I remember watching it with my friends when the first movie came out. And I’m happy there’s a new movie because now that’ll be my children’s movie to enjoy.” And maybe the animation keeps children from being scared of the Grinch because he is a tall, furry, and green creature stealing presents.

He may be mean and green, but the Grinch series has brought many memories to children, and adults are passing that down to their children. And if students have watched the movie or read the book, they might say, he’s not all that mean but definitely green.

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