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Snow College DECA Goes To State

“Congrats to our DECA team that did amazing in our competition this last Friday!” Photo and quote courtesy of Snow College Business Facebook page.

They’re focused on business education and implementation in a wide variety of business categories. This is where Snow students either as individuals or groups, or both, competed.

Snow College’s business students performed phenomenally at state, including several groups for different business categories placing in the top 10, as well as individuals such as Camila Cardinali who placed first individually in her field. 22 total students attended and well over half of them received an award for performance. Several students even qualified for Nationals, which will be happening from April 13th through the 20th.

Carlos Barrón, a member of the business club, along with his group, placed 3rd in international marketing. Barrón said, “I like to associate myself with different people, understand different problems, and use ideas and solutions I can come up with,” He added, “Personally, it helps me to gain knowledge on how business works.”

A lot of the show is run thanks to the presidency of the business club. Barrón finished by saying,“A big thank you to the business department and our advisors, they have been very helpful and our president has been amazing; they are very dedicated people.” Snow College puts a lot of effort into business education, aiming for the highest student success. The Business department is a great way for students to even further enhance their education and skills in business.

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