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Snow College Starts a Famous Career

“Never underestimate the power behind giving everything your all.” Photo courtesy of Dallin Aston

Snow College Alumni, Dallin Aston, is a great example of how students can get a head start in their career here at Snow College, especially when students take advantage of things like the Career and Grit Center.

At only 24, Aston has started his own marketing company and some e-commerce brands and raised nearly $800k to help purchase real estate in Moab. He is currently getting ready to flip this real estate for $1.3 million. He also has become the Vice President of Business Development and Sales at Harmon Brothers Ad Agency.

When asked how the Career Center and Grit Center helped Aston said, “The most impactful takeaways involve the idea of standing out. Looking back, everything I did with the mentioned two centers at Snow helped me develop skills around leaning into my uniqueness and strengths as an individual, entrepreneur, and student of not only school, but of work and life. It is the skills and knowledge I obtained at Snow that led me to adopt the idea of leveraging jobs, school, and businesses I start as opportunities to learn as opposed to just a way to make money. It is this philosophy of learning, among others, that has ultimately led to my success.”

While attending Snow College Aston started a website called GuitarHacks. While today, Aston no longer focuses on GuitarHacks he says it helped set him up for all the things he has accomplished today from his real estate deals to him becoming Vice President of Biz Dev and Sales at a national ad agency. When discussing how Snow College and GuitarHacks affected his life today he said, “[It is]Extraordinary to think of the impact a little school in Ephraim has had on me.”

Dallin Aston is an example of how students can have a great start at a small college. His advice to students here was, “Never underestimate the power behind giving everything your all. I remember being at Snow having moments where it felt like what I was doing was so small compared to the rest of the world. I was in a small town… doing small things. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Not only was Snow the greatest college experience I have ever had, (and I went to SUU and The University of Utah) but it also set me up for success in ways that no other college did. Live in the moment and give it your all. You never know what your GuitarHacks might be and where it might take you.”

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