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Snow Partners with WGU

Snow & WGU sign in new opportunity. Photo courtesy of Snow College.

On Jan. 24, 2023, Snow College and Western Governors University announced a new partnership with each other. This partnership is a new transfer credit policy that will allow students to smoothly transition to Western Governors University. This partnership, along with an opportunity for a $2,500 scholarship, is one that Snow College graduates and employees can gain from.

WGU is an online university from Salt Lake City, Utah, that is private, independent, and non-profit. WGU was initially founded by 19 US governors, coming from the Western Governors Association. WGU’s goal in being online is to remove any obstacles to students anywhere in accessing opportunities to utilize their talent.

There are many educational opportunities that students at Snow can take advantage of when transferring to WGU. They have degrees in a wide variety of fields, from business to education, to even medical. Now with a seamless transition, the opportunity for Snow students to even further continue their success is huge with Western Governors University.


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