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  • Sandra Cox

Snow Produces a New Cinderella

Cinderella cast on stage performing as their unique charecters developed in such a short time. Photo by Ruby Bagley.

February 22-25 and March 1-4 Snow College students will star in a production of Cinderella, on campus at the Eccles theater. Curtains open at 7:30pm with tickets costing $4 for students with their student ID. Without a student ID, tickets are $12 for adults and $10 for highschoolers and younger. This production takes a spin on a classic story that everyone knows. Ruby Bagley, who plays a stepsister states, "People should come see the show because it’s a new twist on the story everyone knows that dives into new ideas and truly has something for everyone."

This version of Cinderella is directed by guest director Matthew Singletary. Performer Laura Nelson explains that Singletary has been able to add so much depth to the show in the short span of just five weeks. She continues on to say, “I do [think people will enjoy the show]! Matt has brought a lot of fun and interesting ideas to Cinderella which is sure to keep the audience engaged and on their toes. It’s a funny and entertaining show, I think it is sure to be a hit!”

Bagley and Nelson express how much they have enjoyed this experience. They explain that it has been an amazing experience working with their cast members, and Singletary. Nelson states, “I am excited to do Cinderella because I have loved the music ever since I heard it, and it is a story of someone overcoming adversity while still staying humble and kind.” With complex characters and relationships, these actors explain that they love their characters, and hope that viewers will love them too.

For those interested in viewing the show, tickets can be purchased on the Snow College website under upcoming theater productions, or at the Eccles theater. Spots may be limited.


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