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Students Get Involved in Internships

Marylee Giddings stated,“I was excited when I hear I could do an internship and get paid for it.”

Snow College provides a variety of internships that students can apply for. In these internships, students can find paid and unpaid internships and will receive credit for them. There are different ways for students to find these and apply to these different internships.

One way is to check the Handshake app meant for students. In order to sign into their handshake students will use the same login information for their school account. Then students can use the app to search for internships both on campus and off-campus.

Another way is for students to go to the Career Center and ask for help finding internships. When students find an internship they have to apply. They will then be given paperwork to fill out and talk to their advisor to receive credit. Students will learn more about this process once they are accepted into the internship.

When applying for Student Internships, students are encouraged to look for internships that fall under their degree. Internships can be found in almost every department here at Snow College.

Jory Durrant is going into an internship here at Snow College where he gets to work with the Sanpete Messenger while receiving credit here at Snow. When asked why he wanted to have an internship he said, “it allows me to continue my education while also allowing me to learn from hands-on experience and get paid.”

An internship is a way for students to get experience for their future career while also continuing their education and goals. For students to find an opportunity that might work for them, they should start by checking on Handshake or reach out to the Career Center to set up a meeting to get help finding an internship.

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