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Students Tee Off at Palisades

Chad Lewis, Ethan Rowley, Ben Vance, and Braden Johnson enjoying golf at Palisades. Photo Courtesy of Benjamin Vance.

As summer starts to come to an end, there is a rush of students still looking to enjoy the warm weather, before Sanpete starts to freeze. One activity students at Snow have the opportunity to do is go to Palisades state park.

Palisades is a state park in Sterling, about a 20 minute drive from Ephraim. It has a lake and campgrounds, although the water level is getting lower each day.

Because it’s getting cold at night, and the water level is low, their golf course is the most popular attraction this time of year. With the leaves beginning to change, many students find the scenery of the course to be beautiful and relaxing.

Carson Arnold, a golfer here at Snow, says “I love the course at Palisades because of the beautiful outlook over central Utah,” Arnold continued to say “It also has a good diversity between each hole. The course challenges me with far drives, as well as short holes. The greens can be tricky, making me a more focused putter.” The course prides itself with giving golfers of all skill levels to play. Even beginners can have a good experience.

Ethan Rowley, another golf enthusiast here at Snow, says, “I really love the prices. Some courses break the bank and make it unmotivating to golf, but Palisades is easier to afford.”

To golf 9 holes with a golf cart, it’s $22 for adults. However, Palisades also has a student discount, knocking five dollars off. If students really want to save money, they can choose to walk instead of renting a cart, making it another seven dollars cheaper.

One option a lot of students take is taking the golf class here at Snow. The class is one credit, and comes with a ten round punch card to go golf for free (cart fees not included).

All in all, golfing at Palisades is a hobby that a lot of the students of Snow love. Between the beautiful scenery, diversity of holes, and affordable options for students. Palisades is a viable option for students looking for something new to do.

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