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The Addams Family: A New Musical

Ruby Bagley and Tyler Rey admire costumes between showings. Photo Courtesy of Ruby Bagley.

Snow College’s theater department brought the Addams Family Musical to life during the Halloween season. Put on by students and faculty here at Snow College, it showcases the talents of many individuals.

The show follows the story of Wednesday Addams, played by Abby Huff, as she introduces her family to her “normal” boyfriend, Lucas. It allows the characters to dig deep into what makes them who they are and to deal with those issues that they may bury below the surface.

Parker Smith, who plays Gomez Addams commented on his favorite part of the show being the song, ‘Happy/Sad’, “That song is human and so natural to feel both feelings at the same time. It is so fun to play against Wednesday and try to relate to a father who is giving his daughter away.” The cast along with the tech crew, design crew, and orchestra brought to life a story “that embraces the wackiness in every family,” as the Snow College website puts it.

Not only has the show been months in the making, it has also been a struggle for some. Smith comments on the humor, dancing, staging and singing, by stating, “It has been really difficult to prepare for this show and has helped all of us grow as performers. It has been so fun but has also been able to stretch our abilities more than other shows I’ve been in.”

Parker Smith and Cam Carter act their hearts out. Photo Courtesy of Cam Carter.

Originally created by Charles Addams during his work as a cartoonist, The Addams Family has become a well known story inviting others to go against the status quo and to just enjoy what they enjoy.

Smith states his last line, saying, “you embraced the darkness of your despair and suddenly the world makes sense. You are a true Addams.” Let us all try to embrace that despair or weirdness, in order to have the world make more sense.

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