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  • Laura Medrano

Tips on Managing Stress with Finals

Sammy Clark and Rachel Jenkins start studying for the upcoming finals. Photo by Laura Medrano.

With the semester almost being over, Snow Students are counting down the days for winter break and finals.

Most college students fear and stress over finals, Megan Begay, a music major says “The thing with finals is the buildup, I feel the two weeks before finals are more stressful than the week itself.” So how can students manage stress before and during finals? The main advice is to practice self-care, even if students are stressed and have a ton of homework they should have some time during the day to relax. While studying for finals, if students don't understand something, ask for help. Snow offers many free labs you can go to to ask for help, or try, a 24-hour free online tutoring. Finals are a busy time but if the stress and nerves of them are too much, students are welcome to go to the counseling and wellness center, they offer free counseling and can help with managing anxiety and stress.

The hardest part for many is actually finding a study schedule and starting studying. Students should start studying at least 5-7 days before the final, it is also recommended to Create a Study-Oriented Space. It is also better to study 4-5 hours a day, taking short breaks in between, instead of cramming and learning everything the night before. Students should study daily, starting a good studying routine and habits at the beginning of the semester will help when it comes to studying for finals. Scheduling a couple of hours for homework will help with starting. If the material seems hard students should approach their professors, they are more than happy to help and answer any questions.

Finals do seem very stressful, but once you create a plan and break it down it becomes much easier and manageable.


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