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  • Sharon Nicol Martinez

Volunteer Opportunities in Sanpete County

There are many opportunities for students to volunteer and complete service projects for their classes in the local area including service learning courses offered at Snow

Community service experience on resumes and applications make applicants stand out. especially for students who are majoring in social sciences and pre-med. Volunteers are always welcome and appreciated. Some examples of places where anyone can volunteer in the Sanpete area are The Resource of Clothing Bank in Ephraim, Sanpete Pantry in Mount Pleasant, the Ephraim Senior Citizens Center, or the Children’s Justice Center in Ephraim. Students can look for more organizations at or they can go to the SAGE center in the Humanities building on campus. Dr. Pugmire who teaches Introduction to Service Learning said, “Many GE classes students are already taking, have a service learning option. You’re learning the course stuff while benefiting the community.”

Service projects are beneficial for both the organization and the volunteer. Karen Salguerto, volunteered at the Resource of Clothing Bank. She said, “It was a beautiful experience, there were around 10 students from Snow College volunteering which made the staff really happy.” Improving problem solving skills, communication and teamwork are only some rewards for volunteering. It is easy for one to apply skills learned while volunteering to multiple aspects of one’s life. Badgers are encouraged to volunteer in the community because it can strengthen the community and the volunteers themselves.


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